Spider veins can be distressing as they develop and can be boldly visible. They can appear for many different reasons. At EpiNu Aesthetics we’re proud to offer our Spider Vein Removal Machine which any of our salon clients can benefit from. It is a treatment which is highly sought after. We understand you may want to understand a little more about spider vein removal and the other benefits of our equipment before investing. Let’s look more closely at spider veins first,

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are very small, damaged veins which appear on the surface of the skin. They’re most common in the legs and on the face. They don’t usually cause any pain or discomfort, but they do impact your appearance and removing them for cosmetic and personal reasons is not unusual.

As you’d expect, these veins get their name from their thin spidery appearance. They can be a range of different colours from red to blue to purple. They usually appear in the form of thin lines but can spread into web shapes or appear like branches They are also sometimes known as thread veins.

What Causes Spider Veins?

If spider veins appear in the legs this is usually due to valves inside the veins no longer working. Valves weaken and damage over time and this stops the vein from effectively carrying the blood in the right direction. This leads to the blood pooling inside the vein and this pooling may turn into a bulge. These bulges create the webs and branches which we know as spider veins.

Spider veins on the face usually occur due to burst blood vessels. Pressure in any area or sun damage is often behind this kind of spider vein.

EpiNu Aesthetics Spider Vein Removal Machine

We are particularly proud of the amazing results our Spider Vein Removal Machine delivers. The advanced technology ensures full spider vein removal, no matter how deep the veins are. The results of this treatment are often immediate and there is minimally swelling and no scarring for most patients.

The machine itself is compact in size, making it a great addition to any salon or aesthetics studio. As well as effectively treating spider veins it can also be used for skin tags, warts, cherry angioma and milia. The single machine is an effective way of adding a range of new services to your business without investing in a several new pieces of kit.

We’d love to show you are spider vein removal machine in action and you can get in touch and book a demo today.

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