Working in the beauty business means your focus is helping people look and feel their best. The rise of non-surgical cosmetic procedures means there are new and exciting ways to help your clients rejuvenate and makeover their appearance without the need for surgery. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures use technology and additional products to improve the appearance in a number of ways. They can help to remove hair like the EpiNu Aesthetics Diode Laser Machine or freeze fat cells like our Cryolipolysis Machine. Non-surgical procedures have many benefits over major surgery and can deliver quick and effective results.

There are many benefits to these types of treatment, here’s a closer look at just a few:

Minimal Pain and Discomfort

While everyone’s pain threshold is a personal thing, invasive surgery almost always causes some pain and discomfort. You also require significant recovery time. Similarly, you usually have to stay in hospital. Laser procedures, radiofrequency treatments and other non-surgical cosmetic procedures require no incisions and much less pain or discomfort. Some patients experience a little tenderness in the area targeted but this usually goes within a couple of days.

No Hospitals

Even people who really want to enhance their appearance and minimise the impact of ageing may be put off by staying in hospital. Even the nicest hospitals are not a place many of us would choose to visit and there is no need with non-surgical aesthetics treatments. No long waits, no pre-op preparation, simply access to effective treatment at an agreed appointment time.

Minimal Recovery and Time Off Needed

Aesthetics treatments do not usually take much longer than an hour to carry out. Most people can return to work or their usual activities soon afterwards and some people take no time off work at all. This will depend on your chosen treatment and beauty professionals should always give their clients as much information as possible about recovery so they can make the best decision for themselves.


Cosmetic surgery is a huge financial investment. A team of support is necessary to support the surgeon in their procedure. Non-invasive procedures require a trained professional. However, the technology does the hard work. Procedures are less complicated and require fewer people to carry them out This results in lower costs for the client. As technologies advance, so do the results. Many clients realise their non-surgical treatments are an effective alternative to surgery.

Add Value to your Salon with Non-Surgical Procedures

At EpiNu Aesthetics we can help any salon owner or aesthetics company provide an even wider range of high-quality treatments to their clients. We specialise in non-surgical procedures and the latest technology. You can invest in any of our machines, with finance packages available, and they add values service and treatments to your offering.

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